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Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Main Facility

ITI Tropicals and Borja banana puree

Industrias Borja is a family run business. The Borja Family has been in the fresh banana business for over 50 years and started processing banana puree in 1985. Borja is dedicated to supplying the highest quality bananas and campaigns against the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. They have full-time personnel that continually educate, advise and counsel Ecuadorian farmers in their long term damaging effects.

Borja has been shipping banana puree to the US market since 1985 and ITI has been the exclusive importer since 1988. We have been shipping over 120 million lbs to the USA of banana puree. The plant is routinely audited on an annual basis by major US food companies. The banana puree is packed in either 6 gallon bag-in-box- 55 gallon bag in drum or 220 gallon [See Specifications]. The plant is routinely audited by major US customers.


The banana plant is a treelike herb which is propagated by a rhizome. The rhizome produces a banana bearing plant for decades provided adequate plantation management exists. Bananas love the sun and need plenty of rain. A constant humid climate with an average temperature of 80° F and an annual rainfall of 2500 mm provides the best conditions for growing bananas.

Bananas are manually harvested year round when the bananas are still green (about 20% starch and 1% sugar). They are transported to the packing house via trolley cableways (see picture). Once at the packing house, the bananas are graded and sorted for either the fresh market or puree processing.


Processing & Quality Control

Bananas are placed in ripening rooms for about 4 - 8 days until ready for processing.

Once ripe the bananas are hand peeled and pumped through a series of filters to remove any peel pieces which might have passed by quality control at the peeling area. The puree is homogenized, dearated and sterilized according to international standards for low acid and acidified products.

Quality control takes samples of the puree at various points in the processing to check brix, viscosity, appearance, color, texture, seed content and acidity. In addition to these samples, a large number of aseptic samples are retained for bacteriological analysis and lot samples.


Packing & Shipping

After processing, the banana puree is aseptically packed in the following pack sizes: 6 gallon bag in box, 55 gallon bag in drum and 220 gallon bag in tote. Each package is weighed, coded, palletized and stored until micro analysis is confirmed.

Once approved for shipping, the product is loaded on 20 ft dry containers and shipped on ocean vessels to either the east or west coasts of the U.S. ITI has warehouses facilities on both coasts and offers in LTL or truckloads quantities.

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