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Monday, July 13, 2020


Bananas are one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world and still, one of the most popular. While believed to have originated in India, they are popular the world over. U.S. consumption of fresh bananas is about 28 lbs. per capita as compared to apples (21 lbs.) and oranges (14 lbs.). And no wonder! Banana is one of the most perfect fruits. It is mild, sweet, aromatic, inexpensive, nutritious, low-fat and lends itself to numerous applications in juices, dairy products, baby foods, and baked goods. New applications are being developed daily as food technologists search for natural sweeteners and flavor enhancers.

Ecuador, a country with ample sun and rain, is the largest exporter of fresh bananas in the world and Ecuador is where bananas, ripened to perfection, are pureed, processed, and packed aseptically in cartons and drums for ITI Tropicals, Inc. by InBorja SA, Ecuador. Bananas are harvested manually to protect their delicate pulp and are available year round guaranteeing uninterrupted supplies of quality products both fresh and processed.

Did you know?

The word "Banan" means finger in Arabic
From planting to harvesting is approximately 12 months
Bananas are harvested when green and ripen after harvesting.
When green, starch content is 20%, sugar 1%. Once ripened, the proportion is reversed to 22% sugar, 1% starch.
Potassium is one of the best reasons to eat Bananas. Learn why.
Over 45 million tons of bananas are grown yearly.



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